We made a decision to use light weight glass bottles where possible. These are more environmentally friendly as they leave a smaller carbon footprint.

The white wine is bottled in clear glass (flint), which is more easily recycled than green glass. However, we still bottle the red wine in green glass as the wine becomes sensitive to light damage over time and there is a more positive consumer perception to this packaging for red wines.

We are constantly evaluating the potential for more environmentally friendly packaging from different suppliers world-wide.

Our closures are synthetic corks however as an alternative we are able to offer the finished wine in a screw-cap format as well.


Authentic, African Maasai bead artwork evokes the imagery and romance of Africa and has been positively received by consumer groups. The emphasis of the bead artwork gives the finished product a three dimensional quality which is further enhanced by an amulet of real beads on the bottle neck.

A key feature of this product is that the beads that decorate the bottles are a means for us to provide groups of women with empowerment opportunities to create their own business so that they can produce and sell the beads to us and learn lost artisanal skills.

The back labels can be specifically developed to suit the needs of our customers. We add narrative on the background of the wine, tasting notes and any legal requirements. There are legal requirements that must be adhered to for South African wine including the alcohol levels and where the wine originates from but beyond this the labels are a blank canvas. We will also adhere to any requirements for the country of import.